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Advocating for our Industry

Influential Encounters

Sherry and Savanna's advocacy endeavors gained momentum with a pivotal encounter in July 2015, where they had the privilege of engaging in a brief but influential conversation with President Barack Obama. 

Buoyed by their success in engaging President Obama, Picha and Tonne continued to wield their advocacy prowess. In 2016, they secured a meeting with Governor Scott Walker to discuss matters related to Early Childhood Funding, further underscoring their commitment to ensuring adequate resources for early education programs.

After two in-person meetings with Governor Evers, he decided to come visit the program to view our innovative approach in action.


News 8 Article

Advocacy Timeline

Continuing the conversation

Sprout Early Learning Center's involvement in press conferences alongside influential figures like Ron Kind, Jill Billings, and Brad Pfaff represented crucial opportunities to amplify their advocacy. These platforms enabled them to voice their concerns and advocate for policies that support the growth and enhancement of Early Learning Centers. Their participation garnered public attention and support for the cause.

A Culmination of Passion

The pinnacle of their dedication was manifested through their participation in a significant rally held in Madison. Collaborating with members of the Joint Finance Committee, such as Senator Kelda Roys and Representative Tip McGuire, Picha and Tonne passionately championed increased investment in Early Childhood Education. Their collective efforts reflected an unwavering commitment to shaping a brighter and more equitable future for the youngest members of society.

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